The Indonesian Optical Society


Election 2019

The 2017-2019 Leadership of InOS will end its service in the mid of 2019. For this, InOS will hold an election in May – June. The InOS Council through official letter No. 01/SK-Majelis/IV/2019 has appointed Rahmat Hidayat (Member number 2 2010 12 0006)) and Affi Nur Hidayah (Member number 3 2014 16 0069) as the Election Committee 2019.

The election will elect:

a. 1 Vice Chairman Elect

b. 3 Council Member Elect

for 2019-2021 service period. The 2017-2019 Vice Chairman Elect (Rahmat Hidayat) will automatically become the Chairman for 2019-2021, while 2017-2019 Chairman (Husin Alatas) will automatically become one of 2019-2021 Council Member.

For this, the committee has compiled 3 lists as follows:

a. List of members who has the right to vote

b. List of members who has the right to be nominated as Vice Chairman Elect

c. List of members who has the right to be nominated as Council Member Elect

Those lists are compiled according to InOS Constitution.

The entire election process is ( :

a. The election committee compile the election lists

b. The first stage of election via online to choose the nominee candidates (21-29 Mei 2019)

c. The election committee compile 2 most proposed nominees for Vice Chairman Elect and 5 most proposed nominees for Council Member Elect (Done. Check here for the results).

d. The election committee post the position paper of the nominees in InOS website. The candidates’ Position Papers are here.

e. The second stage of election via online to vote for 1 Vice Chairman Elect and 3 Council Members Elect out of the nominees through online voting. (23 – 30 Juni 2019)

f. The election committee recapitulate the election results. (1 July 2019)

The election results to be legalized by the Council in The InOS Congress. (2 July 2019)