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Results of Election 2017

Election 2017 Results


On 7 August 2017, during the InOS Congress, the InOS 2017 Election Committee (Azrul Azwar (32014200062) and Putu Eka Pramudhita (32012000039)) announced the election results which was officially accepted by congress and hence the Council released official letter No. 02/SK-Majelis/VIII/2017 which set Rahmat Hidayat (2 2010 12 0006) as the Vice Chairman Elect and Tjia May On (2 2010 12 0001), Alexander Iskandar (2 2010 12 0003), Fitrilawati (2 2011 12 0013) as Council Member Elect. The congress also accept the Accountability Report of former Central Board of Organization through official letter No. 03/SK-Majelis/VIII/2017.


Following the results, the InOS Council then declared new leadership of InOS for serving period of 2017 – 2019 through official letter No. 04/SK-Majelis/VIII/2017 as follows:


Central Board of Organization (BPP) 2017-2019:
Chairman: Husin Alatas
Vice Chairman Elect: Rahmat Hidayat
Executive Secretary: Isnaeni
Treasurer: Koo Hendrik Kurniawan


a. Alexander Iskandar (Chairman of The Council)
b. Tjia May On (Council Member Elect)
c. Fitrilawati (Council member Elect)
d. Henri P. Uranus (Former BPP Chairman)
e. Husin Alatas (BPP Chairman of 2017 – 2019)
f. Rahmat Hidayat (BPP Vice Chairman 2017 – 2019)
g. Isnaeni (BPP Executive Secretary 2017-2019)
h. Koo Hendrik Kurniawan (BPP Treasurer 2017-2019)


The hand-over of leadership and inauguration of new leadership was carried out during the congress.